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  • Global Network USA is a sourcing import/Export agent based in New York, USA.


    We are an import export consulting company specializing in international business development, assisting companies to expand and create new opportunities in their quest to bring quality products and services to their local markets. As an import export consulting, we support small and medium size companies .

    We have spent last few years developing relationships with countries that have an F.T.A (Free Trade Agreement) with United State of America, we also offer business matchmaking services for companies that wish to develop relationship within US market.


    ABOUT US :

    All import and export related works such as :
    • Communicate with Customs brokers, provide and review tariff code information and instructions related to international shipments (inbound and outbound)
    • Participate in, develop and conduct training activities for individuals and groups pertaining to import and export regulations
    • Interact effectively with multiple functional areas including management, supply chain and distribution.
    • Operate as trained backup in Import-Export Managers absence
    • Coordinate with the logistic, production departments and schedule shipment
    • Manage commercial terms of freight and initiate OS&D
    • Verify all documentation necessary for approval of shipment and dock clearance
    • Handle invoicing, and other issues diligently and discreetly
    • Review and establish procedures and documentation policies for import and export compliance
    • Responsible for getting the right products in the right quantities, to the right locations all at the right time.
    • Day to day operations of the transport department.
    • Responsible for all of the dispatching, routing, and tracking of delivery procedures
    • Dispatching complex and oversized goods to national and international destinations.
    • Ensuring company compliance of all transport policies, legislation and procedures to do with macrograph
    • Involved in strategic development and strategy making.
    • Regularly liaising with the delivery manager to ensure a smooth running of both departments.
    • Developing and nurturing customer relationships.
    • Maintaining accurate administrative records.
    • Identifying operational issues, potential problems and opportunities.
    • Resolving and managing queries courteously and efficiently.
    • Ensuring all site and customer objectives are achieved.



    • Comprehensive knowledge of national and world economy
    • Familiarity with the domestic and international trade protocols
    • Strong knowledge of state and federal rules and regulations for import and export business
    • Excellent planning, decision-making, and organizational skills
    • Skilled in coordinating with production, logistic, and shipping yard personnel
    • Thorough knowledge of import and export procedures with excellent documentation skills



    NYU/Bachelor's degree in Public Relations/Image Management. NYC.US/2002-2005

    Brooklyn College Academy/Shipping and Port Operations. NYC.US/2011-2012


    Languages spoken

    English, French, Arabic


    For immediate attention and inquiries please e-mail: globalnetworkusa@gmail.com.


    Also you can check us out at :



    Brooklyn College Academy/Shipping and Port Operations. NYC.US

    Public Relations study
    NYU, NYC, 2002-2005

    B2B management, business public relations


    Brooklyn College Academy/Shipping and Port Operations. NYC.US


    Brooklyn Real Estate School for licencing

    NYC Real Estate licence Real Estate Developement 2011 - 2011


    Real Estate sales New York State licence.

    Activities: Real-Estate investment seminar, live training.

    Travel Educ Centre (Cambridge) Mass 1999

    Travel agent Licence Sabre format and sabre point and click application 1999 - 2001

    Sabre native and turbo, point click reservation system.

    Activities: Interneship American Express (Cambridge), CSR US Airaways( Logan, Boston),

    Brooklyn College Academy/Shipping and Port Operations. NYC.US

    Restaurant association (Boston, Mass)

    Food Handler Certificat. Food handling . 1995 - 1996

    Culinary art and restaurant management .

    Activities: internship with Royalton Hotel NYC

    Restaurant association, (Boston, Mass)

    Safe Serve Program Culinary Arts/Chef Training 1993 - 1994